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How do I install Timerly?

To install Timerly, please click here to install

How many different timers and countdowns can I use at one time in my store?

While in theory you can use as many as you would like, after much testing, we have found that only using one per product page is the most effective method.

I’m having a bit of trouble with the interface, is there a way to contact support?

Of course, to contact us, simply click on the bottom right button and send us a message! For us to better understand your issue, please provide us with screenshots/recordings of the issue and a brief breakdown of the problem you are experiencing.
Though, just note, it’s always a good practice to redact any sensitive information that may be included in screen grabs or recordings for the security of your visitors.

I changed the layout/design for my timers but when I load my store the changes are not reflected, how do I fix this?

Simply clear your browser cache as well as stored cookies, close your browser, and then reopen the everything up. Then simply reload the page and the changes should be reflected.
Though, if you are still running into problems, delete the timer in question and re-add it to the page, repeating the above process after.
If you are still experiencing errors after trying both, simply reach out to us!

I installed Timerly but when I try to access the app from my Shopify dashboard it says there is an error, how do I access the app?

Before anything else, clear your cache/cookies in your web browser and try reloading the page. If the issue still persists, head on over to the chat widget on the bottom right corner!

Is there a way to schedule timers and countdowns in advance?

At the moment there isn’t but we are working to add new features very soon!

How do I know Timerly is working and effectively being deployed?

Simply open up an incognito tab, if using Chrome, and view your store’s page to ensure the timer is properly functioning.

How do I change the positioning of the timers and countdowns in my store?

To edit your timer, simply just click the EDIT icon on the particular timer you would like to change, on your Shopify Dashboard!

Does Timerly support a multi-lingual function?

Unfortunately at this stage of development it does not, but will in the future as we roll out new features!

How do I uninstall Timerly?